An interesting post popped up regarding the whole CCP incident.

The OP does a good job of getting all the facts togetether in a short sentences. This is mostly done to counter the new age movement of people saying the Jita riots were the cause of people being fired, CSM failing and what not.

To be perfectly clear. Only CCP is to blame and Hilmar has accepted that responsibility.

Then Jade made this little gem of a post:

Eve players are something unique in the games industry – they are smart, passionate, active and now radicalised in the sphere of game development revolutions. Years ago when I served as the first chair of the CSM I listened to Hilmar describing the player representatives as “chieftains of the internet” coming to Iceland to argue for the way our tribes wanted to see this game develop.

Everyone likes being called smart or identifying themself with people being called smart but I still think there is merit, if for nothing else then this is unheard of in the gaming industry. It is not a minority who voiced their distress this late summer. It is serious people who cut subscriptions by 8% and that was just the people who could walk out from from their payment schemes here and now. Many accounts are still cancelled and subscribtions continue to run out.

Acccording to some gamesites there are a new cut comming this december if the CCP boat does not steer clear. I think december is optimistic depending on the roll-out for the “Winter is comming patch”. I for one will wait for feedback from the established old bitter vets on how they see the “expansion” before I re-subscribe.

As a side note I still dont see BC’s being dealt with or HACs getting the role they need. Sadly that little piece of work is being burried.

A little hopeless and desperate I tried to list some of the stuff I found at error, here among the HACs. Im not very good at such posts as I make them as postulates instead of arguments.

Anyway we all have much more drama in store and hopefully CCP can pull a rabit out the hat this winter so we can get back to just being bittervets and jumping at eachothers throats instead of CCPs constantly.




Hi all readers

I have just recieved my very first phishing mail. I felt kind of honored.

That inspired me to make a post where I go over the tools used to keep your computer and game account safe. First thing is to observe the #1 rule of not just clicking anything with a link, but when it does happen you want to be prepared. The below are what I term essentials and minimum programs. People have different tastes and different brand they swear by.

Secure your browser:

I use a number of tools to secure my browser. First of all I use two different browsers for home banking and for regular use. Many people use different methods, if you use others they may be just as fine. Feel free to make suggestions in the comments.


The essential protection. This blocks site from running scripts in your browser via java or flash. This is an absolute must. Don’t get put off by the look of the webpage.


Comes in a free and a premium version. The premium version is dedicated to protection of online games and espcially the MMOs.

Gaming in general and EvE-Online. I use the free version, pick your choice.


Come in free and premium versions. I just use the free version. It basicly protects your browser from being hijacked.

Secure your computer

Online Armor

A very competent firewall. Can be used with your windows firewall as they don’t seem to obstruct each other. This firewall also features an anti keylogger that will alert you if a program tries to sniff out keystrokes on your computer. It works, it’s simple and you get a fast overview.


This is your standard “lets get rid of the baddies” application. Run a scan every week and you should be fine.

Windows Defender

I believe it is native from windows 7 and forward but if you run an older OS then this is a nice addition.

AVG Antivirus

Anti virus is good to have and AVG has yet to turn me down. I run regular scans


Tools and stuff.


Offers quite a range of tools for specific malware:

Virus scanner

Security checker

Online scanners

Not in any order of preference or anything.


And sadly recent events along with the chain expansions has led me to explore other games.

My blog as a EvE character will close down but will go on as a regular blog on other games. I have not emo raged on the forums but done more than my part here on my blog to illustrate the problems I see when playing EvE. I actualy think there are many like me that simly log off instead of emo raging at deaf ears. There is no light at the end of the tunnel that I can see and as such I have let my accounts run out. Maybe Ill get back if CCP sees the light but I doubt it.

WoT is a known time stealer and I am having great fun. Ombey and I are brawling in our Löwe Tanks. Wanna have a chat in WoT then add me as contact.

Look at the size of my EPEEN !!! Its like huge and can throw death from several 100 meters.

Lately others have pointed me to Perpetuum.

Looks promising but im stuc with a problem they face when too many try to log in.

I looked it up in their forums and it seems they have so many trail accounts comming from EvE. They state they are very thankfull for this oppertunity to show the EvE players what they can do but were ill prepared for an exodus of these proportions. I bet they are sitting and throwing dollars in the air by the end of next month of they can deliver on half of what is stated on their website. EvE… now planetside and with Mechs.



Finally got around to reading up on other blogs.

I came across Mynxee unplugging.

Never had much contact but we knew who eachother were and dropped an occasional line. I followed some of the character backstory, the flirt with Roc and so on. My main focus was on the low sec battles but the occasional story gave EvE life.

Mynxee might be burned out and will come back after a few months of rest but I see this happening all over. The old ones that contributed, burned for the game, lived it, is not follwoing down the path where CCP is taking the game.

These people that are ever so slowly slipping out of the game. They have over time provided assistance and acted as ambassadeurs. They have spent countless hours in the help channels under mains and alts. Making great blogs about the wonders of EVE, marketing the product and engaging other players.

I sat last night looking at fleet finder. There was a fleet out, I right clicked my Vagabond and activated it. Checked for ammo, modules and rigs. It was all ready. I knew it was. I looked at the undock button and my mouse hovered over it.

I closed down TS3, right click closed EvE and sat back.

Why was the spark not there? Ive always been exited easily, but the magic seems gone. Im strugling to get it back.

The Stavo brothers have contacted me so that we may have a small roam. I hope it can ignite that feeling of greatness that EvE still have somewhere. I know it is there, I just have to find it.


We all have to realise that we ain’t getting younger and I am increasingly finding myself in the category of AOV – “Angry Old Vet”.

An Angry Old Vet is characterised mainly by the belief that “Everything was better back in [INSERT] where we had [INSERT] and did not have to bother with [INSERT]“.

How on earth did I land in that category?

I will go over a few point in the following that in my optics require a remake. I will try to make suggestions but already now I know I might not take everything into consideration so bring on the constructive comments but keep it civil. As it is now my EvE is broken and noone seems willing to fix it. I do not have the final answers but something needs to be done.

Bring back the feeling of unlimited space, bring back risk reward, bring back the small and solo roaming options.

I love the game and have to try though recent CCP behaviour seems to muck the attempt to help from the community.

- Jump bridges

These have for some time made EvE a smaller and more risk free environment in 0.0 space. To begin with they covered an aspect of defence that made them very important. This importance has been increasingly negated by the Titans that are owned by your average corp. Jump bridges are now just big carebear highways that reduce traffic. Of course there are more traffic but it is not like when we had to do it gate by gate. 10 jumps were a risk back then. You needed a scout, you needed to stay on your toes and stay on top of your intelligence channels. In 5 jumps you can go from north to south. But that is a good thing? Wars are easily sparked with people being so close! But no. The jumpbridges are used for carebears and defensive when no Titan is around. Jump bridges should be removed. Lets go back to play this game where space was HUGE. You could jump through system after system seeing no one. You got the feeling that space was endless. It was thrilling and it promoted cooperation. The Highways of highsec is of the same thought and construct. Remove them and make logistic important again.

- SOV mechanics

Never thought I’d end up here. Grinding POS’s for hours on end. But the current mechanics are flawed. They have potential but are not close to realise it. It is too easy to drop SOV blockade units forcing defenders to grind them. A running cost might be a solution. The defenders take out the majority but can leave the rest there to suck the ISK out of the attacker. Then the attacker is forced to react or disable the blockade units. It will force a solution faster where the attacker cannot just sit back and keep placing a majority of blockade units with no consequence.

- Sanctums

The blessing and curse of 0.0 is the new sanctums. They promote new players to come to 0.0 but at the same time ruin the roaming small gangs. There is no risk running these sites. If a hunter comes into local he has to spend time scanning, warping to more or less random sites and try to find a prey. It is simply too time consuming and the carebear can warp out without any problem. You can to some degree use directional scanner on the sites but it is time consuming and non optimal. There are no players in the belts and solo roaming is reduced to dying in some gatecamp with your average HAC but more on that later.

A solution would be that if you scan a site  the site shows up on overview like a regular belt, planet or moon. That way the hunter still have a  lot of possibilities to warp to but are able to directional scan much faster. It gives the carebear more time than a pure belt hunt but also give the hunter faster results.

In an unrelated matter there should be no pirate entrapment. Seriously a beacon that creates dead-space pockets where the pirates set up HUGE bases without the most simple form of intelligence gathering. Let the complexes be free and random. No fixed pockets. In a hot dream I imagine belts to be scannable also. Makes them on pair with sites such as Sanctums.

- It has been HAC’ed

The HAC is not what it used to. There have been a boost to damage of the average ship as well as the tanking abilities. It is near impossible to break a super passive tanked Drake. Reaching an optimum of almost 850 DPS tank, almost omni tanked. Your average HAC can’t break it. You can overheat at the right time and maybe break it but it is still hard and you have to time correctly.

There are simply fewer options out there for a viable roaming ship. Some have read my semi rage on solo PvP. I see a decline. The Cerberus has always been a slow ship but roaming used to be viable in one. The Ishtar used to also be a feared roaming ship. They are now too slow and will die in any gatecamp. And gatecamps is what roaming PvP has turned into. Gone are the fights, for the above mentioned reasons, in belts where you caught the unaware and his buddies came rushing in. Sometimes you had to run, sometimes you bagged him and sometimes they killed you. It was thrilling. Back to gatecamps. There should be a way to survive. The Vagabond (Cynabal, Ceptor and so on as well) can do it by going back to gate but noone else gets by. The risk is too great. And why take out that 150 mill HAC when you can go in a 40 mill battlecrusier. They both die in a gatecamp but the battlecrusier has more dps and more tank. There is no  reason (almost) to use the HAC for solo roaming if it ain’t a Vagabond.

Let us once again fight it out, the epic solo fights down to hull between a Cerberus, Ishtar, Zealot or Vagabond. It happened and it happened a lot.

- Speed is of the essence

Speed is very important factor in EvE but with the signature changes and the warp disruptor and warp scrambler changes the field is now very even. With few exceptions yes I know but follow me down the path for a while and lets look at the ships.

Hurricane = 1300 m/s

Drake  = 1000 m/s

Tempest = 1000 m/s

Raven = 855 m/s

With MWD on some battlecruisers and battleships match up in speed. Between them I think the Drake vs Hurricane is fine. But not compared to the battleships. In order for a HAC to stay out of range you have to almost run the MWD constantly and even then then fighting range of 24 km to 12 km is not a lot, either you get out of range too fast or you get in range in scram, neutraliser and webs. I say 12 km because that is neutralizing range that will surely kill any HAC. But running the MWD makes your signature bloom and eventually the battlecrusier will have more DPS and more tank and drive you off the field. With everyone flying battlecrusiers anyway because of the price, gatecamps and statistics of the ship it is one more incitement to avoid using HACs.

Either the battleships need to go slower or the battlecrusier to go faster.The problem is balancing this as the ships to faster and faster. The battlecrusiers must never go so fast so it becomes easy to catch, say a HAC. Currently it is to easy and we are back again that a HAC vs a battlecrusier should be an even fight. But the battlecrusier is a dedicated anti cruiser ! Yes sure it is, but the HAC is a specialized heavy assault ship, it is not a mere cruiser.

In all the different cruisers need more speed. Not going back to the happy days of zipping around at 15-20 km/s but a balance needs to be made. I don’t have the optimum and can only point out that there is a flaw.

Dramiels came into the game as the new interceptor. There should be no way that a frigate no matter how pirate faction it is who are able to outrun an interceptor. Then CCP should make a pirate interceptor, make it of the Dramiel model but make it an interceptor and not a mere frigate.

In general speed needs a make over to make dog fighting come back to life again. It is still possible though and ain’t the biggest issue besides the fact that there is not enough speed in the cruisers. And give me back my engine trails, my ships flew better when they had long engine trails !!!

- New security rating for systems

Not seen it in effect yet but seems to me that CCP will force some sort of fight on the drone regions. NC will not break the alliance and why on earth should they move to the drone regions. They have last flavour of the months objective, the technicum moons (Whatever they are called). The only ones that have anything to gain is SC and they are already striking out and does not need further motivation. On the other hand SC has been severely hampered as the space in the south has turned even poorer.

Upgrades were a great thing (if you can directional scan the sites with less effort and time). More had a place in space, could upgrade and all space could be used and rented out inviting more players to 0.0 making it even more dynamic. The use of security to influence a systems value is good but the effect is too huge as it is now.

Let there be upgrades but let the security influence less and don’t give the drone regions the best of it. Let there be upgrades but let it be so that only one thing can be upgraded. That way you will have to spread usage over several systems distributing load on servers and make people move around (without jumpbridges). You cant force an invasion. It will come again and again naturally because EvE players seek conflict and power. Will it succeed against the masses of the NC is uncertain but I’ll be there in the frontline trying.

- Mommy can I play ?

Extra account for the mothership (ohh, it is called super carrier now mister Wotlankor) because it is undockable. The worst pay-scheme if I ever saw one. Should the mother-ships be powerful but as powerful as they are now is ridiculous. Space is won or lost because of them. The battleship should be the mainstay of any fleet with support squads of battlecrusier and cruisers and all the way down to frigates.

By now CCP should know that if you introduce an item that can be produced then, over time, it will become mainstay. Look at Titans, they are everywhere.

So we will have many people buying extra accounts fighting these large fights without finesse. They don’t manoeuvre, they get deployed and fight it out. It is ugly fighting and the only thrill is the amount of ISK at stake. Soon if they are not there already you will have sniper fleets of Titans that can take out a mothership in one volly. If anything then fighter bombers should only be able to hit structures, let them be the fast way to grind. Let Dreads be a ship of use again and make them anti ship platforms.

Balancing suggestion:

Titans = Capital Command ships / E-warfare / Logistic bridging / Anti capital guns like the dreads but let them count for 5 dreads DPS wise.

Motherships =Very  High DPS vs structures / High DPS vs capitals / Low DPS vs Battleships

Dreads = High DPS vs capital ships / Medium DPS vs buildings / Low DPS vs Battleships

Carriers = Low DPS vs capitals / Healers / Medium DPS vs Battleships

Titans could be an e-warfare platform against capital ships along with its anti structural and command bonus (When on grid). The bridge is still a good idea.

Let battleships be a danger to these super capital ships. If you don’t have a BS fleet you don’t deploy supers, simple as that. Battleships can still grind through it all but super capitals just do it faster. There will be a need for super capitals but they wont have that 100% impact. Also a mix or balancing of all the ships would allow for more diverse combat.

DPS mapping or ratio:

  • Titan:
    • vs caps: 1000
    • vs building: 500
    • vs BS: 50
  • Motherships:
    • vs caps: 500
    • vs building: 1000
    • vs BS: 50
  • Dreads:
    • vs caps: 200
    • vs building: 100
    • vs BS: 50
  • Carriers:
    • vs caps: 100
    • vs building: 100
    • vs BS: 200

But the ISK cost of the super capitals are immense compared to the regular carrier ! Yeah, current production cost for a Nyx is around 13-14 nillions. You don’t see a HAC that cost 4-5 times that of a battlecrusier beat that number of battlecrusiers. EHP of course have to be worked over and the DPS is just an outline for how they should do compared to each other. Get some rock, paper scissor back in the game. A ton of simulations would have to be run.

Bringing a regular carrier or a  dread today is like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

- Battlecruisers or battleships

Battleships and not battlecrusiers should be the mainstay of an alliance sized fleet. The battlecrusiers have too much EHP/DPS or the battleships too little.

HACs should solo be able to deal with both battleships and battlecrusiers but not in larger engagements which speaks against the buffing of battleship DPS and instead reduce the high EHP/DPS of the battlecrusiers.

Suggestions welcome.

- Dynamics ?

Make EvE a dynamic place. Let belts be scanable and non static. I don’t approve of the removal of local though. Maybe a delay of 10 seconds?

Moons could dry out ? (Have to make it easier/faster to deploy a mining POS)

Systems that are non upgraded will degrade in number of asteroid belts the more they are farmed. Be it ratting or mining. See what I did there ? People will have to move around in NPC space making it more travelled, more fought over and dynamic.

Complexes I’ve been over before. They should never be static or upgrade dependable.

- Level 4 and 5missions

Move them to low sec ! End of ! The risk reward system of EvE is broken. The super carebears will still grind lvl 3 and earn that Caldari Navy Raven and be forever happy farming more ISK so they can buy that Marauder and make more ISK so they can buy that faction battleships so they can pimp fit it and finally loose it to suicide gankers. Circle of life.  They will get there eventually and may even stay customer for a little longer as the news value of the game does not dry up so fast. Now it just takes a little longer.

So you wont have level 60 mages running all over on epic mounts after two months of carebearing, sorry I mean Macharials, yes that was it…

Reward the players that take the risk and form gangs in low-sec to run the missions. Let corporations fight over the systems that have lvl 4 agents.

Make a few lvl 5 systems and some missions venture into 0.0 ?


Ombey has updated his world famous 2D maps.

Get latest news about it here and here.

Or download it directly here.

I should send my best from him and kindly ask people not to put up that many outposts as it takes a long time to update.

(Go deploy those eggs !!!)


This is just a small musing and stray thought, but for fun and giggles follow me down the road…

I’ve recently come across an ever increasing number of smackers and general bad behaved persons in EvE (OMG, IN MY EVE ??? Yep).

EvE have always had it’s share of smackers but they have always seemed to be more trolls than smackers. Often the smack used to be elegant, even entertaining. The trolling was fun and well done. Now it seems we have a wave of smackers that have no social barrier, no finese, no elegancy. They simply spew out the first thing that crosses their minds in order to be “First” and hit hardest.

So I come across these misbehaved people and when I look people up it seems more or less consistent that the worst of them are chars created in 2008, god knows there are a few from 2010 as well but 2008 seems to have the better of it.

My theory is that some MMO’s must have had a very hard time in 2008 and EvE gotten an influx of the worst ones.

Does anyone else ever come across such wierd observations that have no root in facts but still makes you stop for a second and think?


The current state of solo roaming PvP is suffering. With the introduction of Sanctums we have hit a low.

The idea behind upgrading systems is that more players can live in a smaller expanse of space. An alliance of 1.000 can now live well in one single constellation. On paper a very well thought out strategy for bringing more players into 0.0 and populate the dead systems. The roamers should be celebrating.

The nature of Sanctums (or any upgrade site for that matter) is that you create a very high concentration of players in each system, sometimes reaching a threshold where the solo player is unable to take down an enemy ship. This is a challenge and one I welcome. Nothing is more fun than engaging and even if you get chased of the field all parties have had a nice experience and a good fight. The real problems emerge when you have to scan down the sanctuatries. It simply takes too long.

First thing the roamer does is use his directional scanner. But finding that the system is full of Sanctums one have to locate the source as they all are relative close together. That done you have to use your on-board scanner. Results come up but the problem is that they do not show on the regular screen, lets call it the HUD. So effectively you are blind and have to warp to each Sanctums. You can use the directional scanner when in “scan mode” but is is visually confusing and ineffective.

In all it takes way too long to scan down the sites with the on-board scanner and flying around almost blindly. The prey have long warped out and cloaked or POS’ed up.

There are a few solutions to this:

  1. Once the hunter have scanned them make the sanctuaries show up on the HUD like belts so one can directional scan them and warp in.
  2. If any ship, often the prober or ratter, enters a site then it shows up both on HUD and on overview. Else it just stays “hidden”.

The exception should be real Plex’es as we know them. The random ones that move around. Moving around in space hunting for them is a risk and the ships people bring in to run them are often expensive as well. Risk/Reward structure is intact.


I have been over this dead horse before over a year ago and things are just getting worse.

Back then I mused over the answer to everything was 25.

The introduction of new items to the game has brought about an imbalance of epic proportions, where titans is by far the most far reaching and damaging to the game. I don’t care much about the actual numbers to be quite frank but the fact remains that 25 Titans is a very realistic possibility to come across in the combat scenario of current day EvE.

CCP has introduced an item that simply throws the balance of the game into absurdity. I know Im in the following point out an issue and give no solution, but one does not need to have a solution at hand in order to spot a problem.

The main problem I think is that CCP thinks the items they introduce are unique in their economic sense. A Titan ? Takes a very large alliance to build one. A single alliance will never own more than one or two ! Initially, yes, that was the truth but now they are actually mainstay in most alliances. You don’t buy the BPO and research it to use it one time. Mass production is the order of the day and why should it not be so ?

CCP has to accept that whatever item they introduce will eventually become mainstay.

Back in 2008/2009 Battleships were expensive to the average player, not overly so, but still. For all you interweb warriors out there, try to follow my reasoning before flaming away and pulling stats on BS prices. The average player is not you and we want more average players in 0.0 so we can shoot them. For that to happen it must be semi affordable.

In one swift stroke they could be killed by the AoE weapon that was the Dooms Day Device. Here we are again with a new weapon the Fighter Bomber and the counter may already be in the cooker. The fighter bombers have made the Dreadnoughts completely obsolete and a risk to bring to the field.

There is a constant drive for bigger and bigger ships that are “The ultimate weapon”. A year and a half ago it was the Titan, now its the Super Carrier. There is no finesse to them at all and tactical finesse is down to where the cyno is dropped.

Why not make tactics more important instead of who can bring the biggest metal blobs to the field ?

As I have written before it is just a matter of time before any item is mainstay. Super carriers are already mainstay and fleets of 40 are not uncommon. 2 years back a fleet of 40 Battleships was a force to be reconed with.

Sadly I think CCP has an economic inclination towards these “super ships” that cant dock. It often result in people having to buy an additional char to hold the ship, this char is also often found on a sepperate account. Ie more money CCPs way. The most dedicated playerbase, the 0.0 population (did I just postulate, yes I did, but follow it for arguments sake) buys an additional account to get the new mainstay ships. A side thought could be that they simply want less people fighting and that “super ships” is a short sighted solution.

The Battleship, in my optic, should be the mainstay fleet ship. Carriers and Dreads have their value in taking down large structures, Stations, Ihubs and the like. Super carriers should fill the role of being that, super carriers, 5 times the drones of regular carriers, double reprange, bringing ships and additional supplies to the frontline. Titans can still be the strategic asset by bridging and being “super dreads” but dont let these super ships ruin the gameplay by being capable of exterminating other ships at a rate that is out of proportions. A tech II crusier was never meant to be able to take down 100 other crusiers, 2-3 yes, maybe, but not game breaking.

But, but, but, there must be development in the warfare! I can hear you say and I agree. But this evolution towards bigger and bigger objects that can hardly fly but gets placed on the field is a deadend. Stop making “iWin” ships and solutions. Bring diversity and a complex gameplay. Give us objectives. Give us tactics. Give us freedom from these “super bricks”.


This will be a short article featuring how to hunt targets in 0.0 using the Vagabond

Ive lived all my life in 0.0 with all the politics, oppertunities and fun that brings with it. First I lived as a carebear in Stain but moved on and got introduced to fleet combat in KIA and solo and small gang combat in Ushra’Khan. I tried small gang roaming in KIA for the first time, undocked in my brand new and ultra expensive Deimos and got slaughtered 10 minutes later. Not untill I joined Ushra’Khan did I try small gang roaming again. The small gang and solo combat is however by far the most thriling thing I’ve ever done. To this day I still get chills down my spine when the disrutor locks on a target.


  • The ship
  • The fitting
  • Maneuvering
  • Navigation
  • Scanning
  • Catching and Combat
  • Canning or ransom

The ship

There is a selection of ships that are perfect for this type of combat. This article will focus on the vagabond but I’ll shortly mention the ships that does the solo job fine.

  • Vagabond (My baby)
  • Cerberus (Yes, it actualy performs well if flown and fitted correctly, you will likely die in a good gatecamp)
  • Cynabal (Vagabond on speed at double cost)
  • Curse (Nasty little bugger, you will likely die in a good gatecamp)
  • Machariel (Everyone wants to kill you but you can’t ignore almost 100 km range and in combination with a 30 km faction neut and a 30 km Sansha disruptor it is win)
  • A number of Strategic Crusier fits.

The vagabond offers value for money in versability, good inertia, tracking and dps.

The fitting

You live and die by your speed and agility. If you were to fight another vagabond or something similar you would maybe have a Damage Control as well as a medium neutralizer in the high slot. This is not made to fight other vagas, this ship is made to kill slow battleships, Battlecrusiers and other carebeary stuff.

High slots:


The auto cannons recently got a range increase and now it can reach over 30 km without rigs or tracking enhancers. You will want an assortment of ammo. First of all the Barrage M ammo for keeping range and secondly Republic EMP M. Republic EMP M has the tracking bonus and can help you deal with small stuff. I also always carry around some regular EMP M. Should you ever get camped or bored you can pop a few rats for security or bounties. The PvP Vaga is an excelent ratting ship if you can overlook the insane ammo usage. Found a Sansha ? Orbit at 5 km and let loose.

Ammo and cargo:

  • 2000 Rounds of barrage
  • 3000 Rounds of Phazed Plasma
  • 3000 Rounds of Republic EMP M
  • 6000 Rounds of whatever local rats are vulnarable to. (You can drop this when you pick up loot)
  • 1-2 Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I (Your can drop these when you pick up loot)
  • 1 Unit of Freed slaves
  • 200 units of nanite repair paste


Learn to love it. There is no way around it if you want to get out alive of some of the more interesting situations in 0.0 such as large gatecamps. I will teach you how later when we talk Maneuvering. The locking time is nerfed and some kills will get away due to this. We can share a rum later at the Tribal Liberation main station and talk of all the Abaddons and Ravens that got away due to this. There wont be that many, but when it happens and that 1 second was all you needed before they warped out then you will curse it to hell and back.

Mid slots:

Disruptor tech II version or if you feel pimp then a true sansha version with 30 km range is epic. You can actualy kill that stupid neutralizing domi. Takes ages and lots of micro management but can be done.

Two large shield extenders II, I think you could actulay get by with just one as it is very seldom they dip you far into the shield. Have experimented with an afterburner but you really need to be able to pulse the micro warpdrive and you cant do that with an active afterburner and then you die.

Microwarpdrive. Does not matter what sort, I use tech I because you wont be perma running it anyway and there is no extra speed boost in using tech II. The 10 seconds it runs longer under a tech II version will never save you anyway.

Low slots:

3 x Gyrostabalizers for dps, 2 x tracking enhancer for extra range and better tracking = more dps land on target. No you dont need a damage control, you need speed and agiliy. You can change one Gyrostabalizer for an nanofiber.


Ohh the joy of medium rigs now at affordable prices. After a heated debate, some of which can be found below, and some testing, I feel confident enough to go with  2 x Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I.

[Vagabond, PvP 220mm Cloak]
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Tracking Enhancer II
Tracking Enhancer II

10MN MicroWarpdrive I
Large Shield Extender II
Large Shield Extender II
Warp Disruptor II

220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
220mm Vulcan AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet EMP M
Improved Cloaking Device II

Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I
Medium Polycarbon Engine Housing I

Warrior II x5


Welcome to the flight school. Nothing beats hands on practice but before you do then here are some basics on how to use you systems and ship. Hands on practice without preparation can be very expensive.

Undock and get a feel for the speed. Try making some radical turns and see how it handles. Notice how long it takes to get to full speed if you make sharp 180 degree turns and compare it with a broarder turn. The radical turn is something we want to avoid because even a drake can get you if you are not carefull. You almost stand still for 3-4 seconds. This is also what happens when you use the orbit button so most experienced players will go fully manual in the flight around a target. Your defaul orbit range should be set for 17-19 km, this pose the danger that when you orbit and pulse the MWD you get out of range. Watch your range to the target constanly as well as the targets velocity.

Go to some random belt in high sec and find a miner ship, lock him up and orbit him at different ranges, pulse the microwarpdrive, see the behaviour of the Vagabond, try to manually orbit the target with and without the MWD.

Next lesson is about gates. They are the most dangerous aspect of roaming as you never know whats on the other side. Therefore you need to master the abilities of your microwarp drive and cloak in combination.

There are 3 examples we will go over and some advanced training.

You jump through a gate and find:

  1. There is a large anchored bubble
  2. There is one or more interdictors
  3. Advanced training
  4. There are some ships with tackle but no bubble blowers

In all examples you need to stop and think. For two reasons; first to get an overview of ships secondly you have a session timer when jumping meaning you cant just run for the gate and jump out.

Sit still and  see what ships they have and what your options are. If there only is a single or two small tacklers you might want to make a run for it and kill them while their big slow dps ship sits and looks helplessly from a distance. If you for some freak reason get decloaked and feel out numbered then run for the gate using the  “cloak, microwarpdrive, jump trick” explained below.

1. There is a large anchored bubble

There is no change you can get out because of the large numbers of enemies. You wait for your session timer to run out, then you click approach on the gate, fast click on you cloak (dont click twize because then you will decloak and die), then click on your micro warpdrive and you will approach then gate cloaked and at speed. Once you get a bit of practive you no longer use approach but double click a little under or above the gate. This help so you dont bounce off it and die horribly 5 km from the gate.

Try this a few times on a high sec gate: Jump through it, sit still, approach/double click, cloak up, tap the microwarpdrive, jump as soon as you get in range and warp away on the other side. Keep testing till you can do it and reach the gate before the MWD turns off.

If you feel you lack speed then you can click the microwardrive first and then cloak. If there is a fastlocker like a ceptor with sensor booster or a lachesis with +800 sensor strength they can get lucky and point you. Then you die :)

2. There is one or more interdictors

Interdictors, the worst of the worst enemies of roamers. If there is just one interdictor you react like in the above example. If there are multiple one may not put up a bubble and then jump with you to the other side. This is the worst situation. Now you have to work with the camp and get them split up.  When first you approach the gate linger there for just a moment and see if you can get them to attack you. If they all attack then jump through and fight your way out on the other side. If only some of them engage then jump though and hold your breath. The ones that agressed all think you are being killed on the other side and click that gate like mad men so they can get on the killmail waiting for their agro timer to run out.

Now you are still out numbered with 50% enemies on either side and an interdictor on both side. Do the approach trick again and see if you can get aggro. If your lucky you will have the ones that first agressed jumping in as you jump out and all agressed or jumped in one one side of the gate. Off you go. You can keep doing this for 4-5 times on the same gate before they catch on and then you likely will die, but only very seldom are the gangs that organised and disciplined. They all want to kill that poor lone vaga pilot.

3. Advanced training:

The best of the best of the Ushra’Khan has the above down to perfection and can actualy land between 2500 m and 2000 meters below or above the gate. You dont decloak in that area and still have the option of jumping when/if you get decloaked. Ive seen camps start warping around the system, jumping back and forth because they cant figure out where the vaga went. Did he jump ? He aint on gate ! I saw him approach ! In this case use the double click below the end of the gate. People have a tendency to fly around above the gate and approach from that direction. Very seldom you have ships at the ends and below. Dont ask me why. This takes extreme practice but is very fun to do to a camp. I only managed it once in live combat, but the best of the best do this as second nature. If it fails just jump through as normally.

4. There are some ships with tackle but no bubble blowers

What you do or want to do here is to move on to kill stuff. Simply align for a celestial object, cloak, tap the microwarpdrive, once the microwarpdrive has run almosta  full circle or you decloak and spam the warp button. If you get decloaked then just spam the warp button. What happens is that the cloak saves you from being targeted, the microwarpdrive kicks in and takes you to a point above your full speed, when the microwaprdrive turns off you are at full speed and will insta warp when you decloak. This will be the most common encounter when you come across other roaming gangs and small camps. Learn this to perfection as there is a risk in aligning away from the gate and getting caught. If you feel unsure then reapproach gate and jump using the above technique. Never ever just jump through and reapproach gate at full speed, wait for the session timer, else you bounce of the gate and die. If you have outwaited the session timer you can go for a fullspeed approach but it can end in tears. Some activate their auto pilot when they do this in order to make sure they jump on first contact and dont bounce.

You want as a minimum to be able to do the following flawless:

  • Steer around roids when orbiting a target keeping your self closer than 24 km and no closer than 15 km.
  • Use a combination of orbit and manual drive.
  • Use the cloak, microwarpdrive, jump trick on a gate.
  • Use the cloak, microwarpdrive, decloak, warp trick on a gate.

[Click here for large version]


Finding targets

Shiney shiney loot ! Super green killboard ! Here we come !

Your new best friend besides Ombeys maps for general navigation is the DOTLAN maps. Even met the guy who makes them at the Fan Fest, with Ombey. Cool stuff and such.

Anyway all that aside of how nerdy I am going to Fan Fest and such, I present to you Target Locater numeru uno !

Choose your favorite hunting ground, click the region and on the very top is a drop down box where you choose “NPC Kills”.

Lo and behold target systems have now been marked in yellow, orange and red:

You want a system where more than 6 NPC kills have occoured because either the target has moved on or it is just a spawn that got killed at a gate.

Plot your route and off you go. Note to self: The systems can be empty as data is collected over an hour.

Avoiding enemies

We have located the juicy systems where the fat Ravens fly and we are off to one of the more tricky parts that is about how we actualy get to the target. We have gone over how to handle incident that are bound to come up but you can also use the DOTLAN maps to steer clear of major engagements and camps.

Just look at the major trafic routes

You will almost always see the line of numbers being the same if you follow from top left LF-2KP and down towards G7AQ-7. That looks like a trafic route with the oppertunity to intercept some stuff you can pew pew. Off to investigate.

Wanching this you can see the camps and fights, maily at the entrance gates. Your data will be different from mine but go have a look at KBP. People being killed aye ? That is a likely gatecamp. You already know how to handle them but there is no point in seeking them out if you can get around them.

Lastly also use the ingame map and set settings so the map displays average pilots in space the last 30 min. That will show you completely empty systems and systems with activity.

A good rule when you navigate around is to make bookmarks and never ever warp directly to zero. When you jump through a gate and warp to a celestial at next gate then make a bookmark and name it Scan XYZ gate. That way you can always warp to this spot and check what is at the gate before you warp into a drag bubble and die horribly with all you shiney faction loot.

Just before you land on next gate also make a bookmark as a scan point for that gate. You now have safe spots and scan spots at the same time. If you plan on spending time around the same systems then make some bookmarks in wierd directions at some 200-300 km off the gate. Dont make them toward a celestial object and make them so you can avoid a drag bubble.


We have now arrived at the system and need to locate the shiney stuff. A major bummer is the new complex’s where carebears hide and you have to use your ship scanner. They get alerted and have way too much time to get away. Still possible to get a kill but damn I hate the buggers.

I will here focus on the directional scanner for finding prey in the belts but the best stuff you find in these complex’s.

When you jump in you check local for numbers and make a 360 directional scan. See what ships comes up. Right click in space and check planets and belts.

If you get a carebear hit and have many belts near the gate you came in then start narrowing the targets down. Remeber to have POS on your overview so you dont waste time on targets that are POS’ed up.

If no targets are on the scanner simply warp to the planet with the most belts (You did not just warp to zero did you? I KILL YOU). I use the 90 degree scanner even before I land to check left and right side of the planet im warping to. That gives me a rought idea if anything is there and in that case what side of the planet. When you land you quickly narrow down to 60 and 30 degrees and you should have the belt and target. If two belts are close together then the nearest and warp to that. If nothing is there when you land then continue to warp to the next belt a bit further out. Doing that minimize time as you will be aligned in direction of the next belt. The veterans will likely use a 5 degree scan but that can throw you off if your new to it.

It takes some time to get used to the scanner and being good at using it fast. Practice a few times in highsec and scan down some hulks.

Catching and Combat

You have now landed at the target belt and the game in on ! Adrenaline rush through your veins, I kid you not, you can get a kick out of it.

Remember what you practiced. Dont ever directly approach, use manual steering and take a path that leads you by the target but not directly at it. You will learn to steer by it with 20 km or so before engaging.

This is the critical moment; is it bait ? is it a treasure box ? is it a coconut (Drake takes ages to peel, overheat guns when they reach 40 % shield to break their recahrge if they are passive)?

Check your capacitor. If you get drained in one go then dont panic, there is a cycle time on those and your 20 km off the ship. Your cap will regain itself for one pulse on the mwd that will take you out of neutralizing range. If you started too close you may die or you may get one more go. Leave the neutralizing pain ship alone and move on.

Manually orbit and get a feel for the enemy. What is their speed ? If they go more than 1000 m/s then they can pose a problem and you will have to fly this manually the whole way through so you get the best out of your ship and can pulse the MWD if they get close. If they are just trying to get away with mwd on then stay in range. Drakes are dangerous regardless of what the veterans tells you. Dont risk your ship ! Get out and let that Drake go, come back with friends and say hi later.

What kind of ship is it ? Shield or armor ? Use the correct ammo for the correct enemy. EMP for shield and Barrage for armor. If your unsure then use barrage as you can land shots from further off and have a safety distance.

Canning or ransom

In Ushra’Khan we never took ransoms and fought to kill. You can choose either. I recommend you honor the ransom if you ask for it (Else, I KILL YOU). There are many reasons for doing one or the other.

Some prey will ask if they can ransom their ships. Try to gauge if they are just buying time for their friends to arrive. At other times you know the enemy fleet is not far off and getting out with 50-70 mill for a BS is better than killing them. If you find a faction battleship you can even earn a billion in ransom. However what if that faction battleship is deadspace and officer fitted? The loot could be worth billions.

Its up to you, personally I kill most, but try to ransom them if they are new players. They just bought that BC and the tech I fit you get for loot is not worth much so a 10 mill ransom can be very handy for both of you.

That will be all for now. Please leave your comment if you find it usefull or just want to give additional advice.

Fly dangerous o/


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